A Polish Crypto Miner Commercializes a Technology that Uses Solar Panels to Mine Bitcoin and Heat Homes.

Polish Crypto Miner, Pawe Wojciechowski, began using photovoltaic (PV) modules to mine Bitcoin (BTC), allocating the excess heat to warm his household’s water. Wojciechowski has decided to commercialize the technology in response to the rising demand for his expertise.

Wojciechowski, who runs an IT company in Gniezno, Poland’s west, told Polish news site Onet.pl that he will sell his invention under the Flame IT brand: a smart boiler that plugs into a home’s existing heating system and uses heat generated by crypto mining equipment.

The Crypto Miner Explains

“You’ll need a plumber for this, but it’s not a difficult process.” This boiler must be connected to a heat-generating device. “In my case, it’s my cryptocurrency mining equipment,” said the Crypto Miner.

The miner’s bitcoin mining hardware consumes 38 kWh of electricity per 24 hours. In comparison, the average refrigerator consumes 0.8 kWh during the same time period. Wojciechowski initially decided to install 31 solar panels on his house’s roof, with a total capacity of 9.9 Kilowatt peak (kWp). He later decided to install the same number of panels in order to achieve a capacity of approximately 20 kWp.

Wojciechowski claims that in order to develop his product, he has formed relationships with a factory that specializes in heating solutions as well as an unnamed foreign chemical company.

“We have secured access to top-tier experts and a chemical laboratory that we would never be able to build on our own,” the entrepreneur says.

According to Wojciechowski, this collaboration has enabled his company to obtain a chemical agent into which crypto mining hardware is dipped. “Not only is the compound safe for electronic equipment, but it is also safe for humans,” according to the manufacturer. The agent allows the gear to transmit its heat to the heating system, which distributes it throughout Wojciechowski’s home.

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