A man wandering about what is the blockchain

What Is Blockchain, How It Works And How It Can Be Utilized

A blockchain is essentially a decentralized database or ledger. Each node of the network has an exact copy of the whole database, and data are stored in data structures called blocks. Since the majority of the copies of the ledger do not reflect this modification, attempts to edit or delete an entry in one copy of the ledger will be refused, ensuring security.

The NFTs' Impact on Environment

What Is the Environmental Impact of NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are primarily issued on PoW networks, the most popular of which is Ethereum. An environmental Impact of NFTs occurs as these networks rely on coin mining, which necessitates massive amounts of energy to do complex computations utilizing modern computers and specialized mining devices.

Fractional NFTs

What Impact Do Fractional NFTs Have On The NFT Market?

A fractional NFT is just a full NFT that has been broken into smaller portions, allowing multiple people to claim ownership of the same NFT. Consider it similar to a cake, where a full cake can be sliced to feed numerous people.

How to become an NFT artist

5 Ideas to Become an NFT Artist

Anyone can create a digital collectible, NFT, from their artwork, video, or song, which can then be shown and sold in an NFT marketplace. Furthermore, the user-friendly minting tools give users creative power, empowering everyone to become creative in order to explore new horizons and stimulate innovation in the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Digital Collectibles

Meta introduces Digital Collectibles as a part of Instagram to Showcase NFTs

  • Starting this week on Instagram, Meta will be testing Digital Collectibles with a select group of US creators and collectors, asking them to share NFTs they’ve created or purchased. 
  • Connecting a digital wallet, sharing digital collectibles, and automatically tagging the creator and collector are all-new integrated features.
  • There are no fees for posting or sharing a digital collectible on Instagram.

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