“Tiger Champs” NFTs: PSG and Jay Chou’s Digital Collaboration.

To commemorate Paris Saint-tenth Germain’s French championship title, the Parisian club and Jay Chou, a superstar in Asia with hundreds of millions of fans, are launching an exclusive series of 10,000 “Tiger Champs” NFTs to celebrate.

Since this is the Year of Tiger, it’s called “Tiger Champs”, and it includes a variety of Tiger-themed merchandise. Paris Saint-Germain and Jay Chou have teamed up to create a song that incorporates football, music, and Chou’s love of Paris, where he lives for part of the year.

PSG and Jay Chou’s “Tiger Champs” NFTs

A new batch of NFTs will be made available on June 23, 2022, only at CRYPTO.COM/NFT. For the first time, CRYPTO.COM is releasing NFTs with a Paris Saint-Germain theme!

Ten unique Tiger Champs Legends will be created from the 10,000 Tiger Champs NFTs, one for each of the ten championships that Paris Saint-Germain has won to date.

The 2021-2022 Hexagoal trophy is held in the left hand of these ten tigers as they mimic one of Jay Chou’s favorite poses, the “V for Victory” sign. Graffiti artwork decorates the Tiger Champs Legends NFT background.

Featuring tigers in ten different celebration poses, the 1,970 Tiger Champs Premium NFT cards stand out from the crowd. Symbolic of the ten French championships won by the club is the Parisian star on the right.

Home and away strips for 2021-2022 are worn by Tiger Champs Premium NFT tigers in the 2021-2022 season

Tiger Champs’ basic NFTs show the tiger making the “I love you” sign with 8,020 of them.

In order to ensure that each customer receives an entirely unique NFT, a random allocation process based on a hundred or so criteria is used for all of these categories of NFT.

This is a privilege to continue working with Paris Saint-Germain,” Jay Chou stated. Both football and music have the power to break down barriers, both linguistic and geographical. Fans can win tickets to my 2019 Paris concert through this NFT project. Providing a link between Chinese and Western cultures is something I am passionate about, and I look forward to doing so.

Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Germain Chief’s Brand Officer, announced the club’s latest foray into the world of NFTs with a collection that incorporates music and football. Jay Chou, a longtime supporter of Paris Saint-Germain and patron of the club’s endowment fund, has collaborated with us on our first joint project.

Until now, fans of the club and of Jay Chou have been unable to get their hands on such a large collection of NFTs. The metaverse’s common ground project will be able to make use of these NFTs in the future.

A unique NFT loyalty program coincides with the launch of this new series. There will be an additional 10% of customers who purchase an NFT that will receive a special gift linked to the series. There are rules and regulations that must be adhered to.

Paris Saint-Germain’s “Tiger Champs” NFT collection is the club’s third foray into the world of NFTs, following the launch of the 7th Ballon d’Or series earlier this month.


Jay Chou is a multi-talented artist in Asia with a devoted following numbering in the hundreds of millions. In addition to being a musician, he is also a film director and actor. He was born on January 18th, 1979, in Taipei, Taiwan, and is the father of three children.

He is happily married. Throughout his career, he has received numerous honors and served as an ambassador for a number of well-known global companies, including PSG, Tudor, and Sotheby’s. He began piano lessons at age 4 and then cello lessons at the age of 8.

His interest in music began at school. He began writing and composing songs. In 1998, a friend of Jay’s performed one of his songs on a television talent show, with Jay accompanying him on the piano.

An agreement with a record label was signed so that the young man could write songs for other artists, which then led to him singing them himself. The program’s presenter began as a songwriter before transitioning to a performer. His debut album, “Jay,” was released in 2000 and catapulted him to fame.

As a result, his music is a fusion of Eastern and Western styles, with meaningful lyrics in a very personal narrative tone. Fans of all ages flocked to his subsequent albums, including “Fantasy” and the five that followed.

A few years into his career, Jay Chou was featured on the cover of TIME magazine. At the same time, Jay Chou began his acting career in 2005 with a small part in a web series. The Green Hornet and Now You See Me: The Second Act are his two Hollywood credits. For the latter, he composed a song that served as the film’s theme song for the first time ever.

The theme song for Kung Fu Panda 3 was also sung by Jay Chou. It’s no secret that Jay Chou has a soft spot for France! Over 230 million people have seen the music video for “Love Confession,” which was shot in France. A magic show in Paris’s Pompidou Center was also part of his repertoire.

“J-Style Tripsecond “‘s season was shot in France and featured Saskia de Rothschild, who owns the Château Lafitte. PSG and his new album will be released in mid-July 2022, along with a collection of NFTs. Music and film projects are keeping him busy, but he is planning a concert in Paris, France, in 2023, where he lives with his family.

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