10 Reasons why TikTok is Smoothly Killing Instagram and Youtube

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TikTok is one of the top five best free apps for Android and iOS. Every day, the platform gets bigger and better.

If you don’t know much about this wonderful app, it’s a social media site where people make short videos, mostly for fun. People often say bad things about it and don’t see its good points.

The fact that TikTok is so popular shows that it must be doing something right. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that make TikTok so popular and good.

1-TikTok’s unique algorithm finds the most relevant videos and shows them to you

TikTok’s algorithm is different from those of other apps like it. The app uses machine learning to show you a personalized feed called “For You” that is different for each user.

TikTok is made with the user in mind and takes into account what you like and don’t like. TikTok suggests relevant videos that are usually pretty on point after taking these things into account.

For example, if you watch an educational video about health, similar videos will show up on your feed. Not only will the videos be in the same category, but they will also be about the same things.

Jiang Xiao Yu wrote a research paper about the TikTok app that said, “Its content production and channel distribution rely on big data mining technology and recommended algorithms of artificial intelligence that push accurate information and provide customized services to the user.”

2-Content made by regular people for regular people

TikTok is also different from other apps because most of the content is made by and watched by regular people. And those people who make content on their own time become famous over time because people like what they make.

Because of this, this platform is the most popular on the internet. There are many examples of regular people who became internet stars because of the quality of their videos, not because they already had a big fan base.

Khabane Lame is an example of a normal person from a normal background. Still, he has a lot of people from all over the world following him on TikTok. Because his simple, funny content, like that of Mr. Bean, has a universal appeal that draws in people from all walks of life.

3-TikTok Is User-Friendly

TikTok is easy to use, there’s no question about that. The app is very easy to use because it has a very simple interface. It has a theme that stands out, but it also has parts that are easy to use, like the home, feed, search, inbox, and personal profile.

TikTok doesn’t have a lot of extra features or parts that you might not need or that make it hard to use. So that even a child can use the app, it keeps things simple.

The TikTok community sets new trends. When a TikTok video gets a lot of views, other people who make videos on the internet copy the idea. TikTokers also use this platform to make unique challenges, such as dance challenges, that become popular all over the world.

When it comes to fashion, people get ideas from their favorite TikTokers and start dressing and acting like them. So, TikTok affects people in all walks of life, and it’s a big part of how this generation’s latest trends are set.

5-You feel like you belong to a group

You’ll feel like you’re part of a community when you use TikTok, whether you follow other users or have your own followers. Because the platform encourages people to talk to each other, which helps them form a bond and a community.

This bond gets even stronger when TikTok influencers set up real-life events where people can meet and talk to each other. TikTok helps make the world into one big happy family, which you can join and enjoy.

In 2020, a lot of famous people joined this community because they wanted to talk to their fans during COVID. Some of these famous people are Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner.

6-TikTok has a lot of tools to help people be creative

TikTok is a website where you can find videos about anything and everything. The app gives you a lot of ideas to help you think of new things.

In case you like to dance, the platform has a huge number of dance videos for you to watch. Moreover, if you like art or nature, this video-sharing site is where you’ll find the most beautiful videos.

If you like pets or like to listen to cover songs, you can find a lot of content on TikTok that is related to what you like. Videos that show “life hacks” are also getting a lot of attention on the platform. Many of these “hacks” work, which makes them useful for the audience.

7-TikTok is a great place to find memes and funny videos

Everyone likes to laugh and have a good time every now and then. TikTok is great for this because it has some of the funniest videos and memes.

People with creative minds make funny videos and other content on TikTok. People often use TikTok at the end of a long, tiring, and busy day to clear their minds and get their daily dose of humor.

“Memers are taking over TikTok,” says The New York Times. At the moment, this platform is one of the best places on the internet to find memes and other funny stuff.

8-TikTok has videos for people of all ages

As we’ve already talked about, the content on TikTok is interesting to everyone. Also, the platform has a lot of content that is interesting to people of almost all ages.

On TikTok, there are videos made by kids for other kids their age. At the same time, adults can also find thousands of hours of content that fits their interests.

Wallaroomedia says that “About 80 million people use TikTok every month in the United States. 60 percent are female, 40 percent are male. 60% of the users are between 16 and 24 years old. 26% are between the ages of 25 and 44. 80% are between the ages of “16-34.”

9-You can find out about new places and ways of life

The TikTok app has a lot of content that can help you learn about different places and cultures. People from all over the world have joined TikTok, so you can learn about their language, lifestyle, food, and other parts of their culture.

You can also find out about new places by watching videos posted by nature lovers and vloggers that take you to different places around the world. You can learn about these places and even make plans to go there.

10-TikTok is a place to show off your skills and reach a lot of people

As we’ve already talked about, TikTok is a great place to show off your skills. If you have a special skill and want the world to see it, it’s easy to make a TikTok account and start posting videos.

The app gives you the tools you need to make high-quality content that shows off your skills. It also gives you a chance to reach a large number of people all over the world. So, there’s nothing stopping us here.

TikTok is great, despite what most people think

The TikTok app is a really unique platform that can be used for a lot of good things. Some TikTokers have used it in bad ways, which has made it more well-known.

But instead of criticizing the service as a whole, it’s best to focus on what’s good about it. And with this positivity, you can find out how powerful it really is and use it to do good in your own way.

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