EA Skate 4 Official Gameplay World Reveal

Skate 4 is seen as one of the most anticipated games from EA, which is mostly because the first game in the series came out more than ten years ago. We recently found out that Skate 4 was going to be announced soon because EA was sending out playtest invites to get feedback and constructive criticism on the game they are making. About a year ago, Skate sent its players a trailer with the title “We are working on it.”

All of their official social media accounts have posted the Skate 4 trailer with the caption, “We’re still working on it, but you should see what we’ve done so far.” Sign up to be a Skate Insider and playtest the game at https://skate.game/inside “. So the playtest email we found was real, and the team wants players to check out their progress and give them helpful feedback.

Skate 4 gameplay trailer

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At the start of the trailer, the Skate 4 gameplay shown in the reveal is said to be in the pre-alpha stage. It starts by showing the players what the developers have been working on for falling and stumbling.

Also, they show the players what kinds of tricks they might be able to do in the game. They also tell players where they are in the game’s development and what their goals are for the game.

The developers also know that they need to add more parkour features so that players can get to places they couldn’t get to in the first games. The game also shows off its huge open world and the kinds of multiplayer situations that could happen there. We’re all really excited about the game now that we’ve seen this gameplay trailer.

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